Artistic Director- Olga Tsipursky


Olga Tsipursky Chessboxing Artist

Olga Tsipursky

Born in: Moscow, Former USSR

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Profession: CPA, Artist

Quote: “Explore, imagine, create…repeat”

Much like Chess Boxing, Olga Tsipursky is an unlikely combination of a CPA and an artist.  If she could combine tax research and painting into a sport, she would do it.  Since it isn’t, she’ll settle for being the Artistic Director for USA Chessboxing. She uses her artistic talents to create custom renderings for the team while learning what a proper uppercut and hook ought to look like.

Olga’s Artistic repertoire ranges from pencil sketches, charcoal, acrylic paints, computer generated art, and  extends to much more. As an emerging artist, she has had several shows in Chicago and looks forward to having a chessboxing art exhibit. Her passion for art comes from her love to synthesize a vision, which is exactly what chessboxing is about. More of Olga Tsipursky’s work can be found at

Chessboxing by Chicago Artist Olga Tsipursky

Olga’s Unique Chessboxing Art