George Krasnopolskiy

George Krasnopolskiy Chessboxing USA

Born in: Moscow, USSR

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Height: 6’1

Weight: 205

Profession: Entrepreneur/ Student

USCF Rating:

Quote: “If you wanna play with the big dogs, you gotta learn to piss on the tall grass”


George Krasnopolskiy is the Founder of USA ChessBoxing as well as a participant in Chessboxing. His parents fled jewish persecution in communist Russia to the United States to give him more opportunity and moved him, his brother, and grandparents to Chicago in 1991. As a kid there was no budget for recreational activities and George learned chess from his Grandfather at the age of 4.

George picked up chess quickly and  played competitive chess until 12 when he turned to more physical sports, never thinking the two would mingle.

In High School George started teaching chess and by the time he graduated had started a company teaching kids life skills through the game, CheckMatesUSA. One day, his grandfather gave him a newspaper clipping about chessboxing, this was in 2005. The idea really resonated and George kept looking to get involved.

In 2011 George linked up with his friends Dmitriy Piserev and launched USAChessBoxing for a variety of reasons. Working with kids, he saw potential in Chessboxing as a way to teach children with issues to control their anger through the sport. Chessboxing would also be good for the game of chess and make it more exciting, a spectator sport. An innovator by nature, chessboxing called out to George.

In 2012 George moved to St. Charles, Missouri to study education at Lindenwood University. The school had been starting a Chess Team. The players that gathered were from all across the world and he met several other young chess players that were interested in Chessboxing; they decided to begin training. Together they formed the St. Charles Chessboxing Club.

George trains in Chessboxing but spends most of his time expanding Chessboxing in the United States. He is constantly working on helping improve the lives of children and sees growing chessboxing as the way to do so.