St. Charles ChessBoxing Club

Based in St. Charles, Missouri, the St. Charles ChessBoxing Club is the newest, most exciting thing to hit the chess scheme in Missouri! The St. Charles ChessBoxing Club is comprised of students from the nearby Lindenwood University, but is open to all people. Currently, there are 7 chessboxers currently on the team that train in both chess and boxing together. Their chess skills range heavily as well as their boxing skills.

Training with the St. Charles ChessBoxing Club does not necessarily involve sparring and getting hit in the face. The club is devoted to being strong mentally and physically and training combines elements of chess training with those of boxing training. Because of how unique chessboxing is, members of the club are able to practice skills that many others can’t.

Making good decisions under intense pressure (both mental and physical) is something that chessboxing trains an individual in and is a great reason to get involved in the St. Charles ChessBoxing Club. Training yourself both physically and mentally is fun and if you would like to get involved please contact us.

Our Team:


George Krasnopolskiy

Jakob Owens


Nolan Hendrickson

Zach Stuart


Micah Loose


Maya Vollmer