Kirk Huff Chessboxing USA

Last weekend I had a thrilling time watching Chessboxer & PRO MMA fighter Kirk Huff fight it out in the cage in his 3rd Pro MMA fight, congrats to him on the victory! During the fight I saw the fighters try to draw to their strengths, react to their opponents, adjust their plans, and I couldn’t help but see how chess and boxing are similar.

When the announcer’s booming voice announced that this was “the ultimate chess match” I knew I had to look for the similarities between fighting and chessing. Here’s what I came up with:

Studying your opponent- When a chess player reaches a high level in chess they study their opponents before the game begins. They research their opponents style of play, strengths, weaknesses, and use this all to create a plan of attack. I have no doubt that these fighters also studied their opponents before the match, each one came out with a game plan to try to achieve.

Creating a Plan– After studying their opponents, both chess players and fighters create a plan. The plan must work to the competitors strengths and emphasize their opponents weaknesses.

Adjusting the Plan– In both chess and fighting, everyone has a plan but rarely do things go by it. Competitors must learn to adjust their plans in the middle of the battle according to the situation going on. Its important that competitors react to what their opponent is doing and adjust.

Keeping their Composure– A competitor, in both chess and fighting, must know how to keep their composure. It’s not always about who attacks or strikes first, but who can stay cool headed and make good decisions throughout the duration of the battle.

Of course there is much more they have in common, what do you think?